Why Choose O'Neill Investigations?

Michaela O’Neill has more than eighteen years defending union mernbers and challenging employers’ investigations. Michaela’s experience gives her a critical and careful approach to her own work. She is always mindful of the need to conduct a thorough, objective and timely investigation from interviews through well-reason. conclusion—an investigation process that can withstand scrutiny.

Michaela is a past Vice-President and current member of OCLERA, the Orange County Labor and Employment Relations Association, an organization of private and public sector labor and employment relations professionals. Michaela is fortunate to have developed professional relationships with management attorneys and Human Resources professionals so, when appropriate, she partners with a management-side colleague to conduct an investigation.

Michaela is happy to meet you at any location that is most convenient to you, whether at your office or other location.

Michaela begins with a full briefing from her client regarding the nature and scope of the investigation and then she assesses a fair rate for the services requested. If a fix. fee is appropriate and prefer., clients are ask. to pay the fixed fee either in a single payment or in installments.

Hourly Rate
Where fees are to be charged on an hourly rate, Michaela charges an all-inclusive hourly rate. This means that clients are not charged an extra fee for more than one team member, legal research or faxes or scanning. Face-to-face meetings are charged on a minimum one hour basis. All other services are charged for on the basis of six minute units. For example, if Michaela performs work requiring 20 minutes of her time, she will charge 4 units.
An itemized schedule of work, detailing all work performed, is attached to each invoice.
Prior to the commencement of any work, Michaela provides her clients with an estimated cost proposal. She bases the proposal on the information known at the time about the scope of the investigation, the type of allegations, the report requirements and other variables unique to the investigation.


Michaela is an experienced mediator. For more than 20 years she has mediated different types of disputes including srnall claims, K-12 school site conflict, non-profit Boards of Directors conflict, and litigated cases for the Los Angeles Superior Court. Michaela has been trained in mediation through Pepperdine Law School, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. Michaela has been retained by unions and employers to mediate workplace disputes in California, Idaho and Kansas. Michaela, calm and respectful approach has assisted individuals and groups resolve their disputes and her follow-up has helped parties minimize the negative impact conflict has on them personally and on their work environment.

Facilitation and Training

Michaela is available to work with groups that need assistance dealing with complex and sometirnes emotionally charged issues, or problems that require difficult financial decisions. Michaela guides groups through a process that allows them to reach their objectives. Often the process succeeds in bringing individuals, tearns and departments closer to understanding each others’ perspectives so future meetings are more effective.